140th Annual Communication

Grand Lodge of New Mexico

March 16-18, 2017
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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RWB Timothy Donovan will not stand for election in 2017.
Nominations for Grand Treasurer will be taken from the floor during elections.

Grand Treasurer Duties

(a) Have charge of all funds and securities of the Grand Lodge.

· QuickBooks is primary source of record keeping with excel spreadsheets utilized for reporting format.
· Main accounts are: Operations, Endowed, Memorial Endowed, Building Loans, Annual Communication,
..........Holding Account.
· All have banking accounts and Endowed, Memorial Endowed and Building Loans have investment accounts.
· Banking accounts are reconciled on monthly bases.
· Investment account gains/losses are updated monthly in Quickbooks.
· Oversee all activities within QuickBooks.
· Responsible for transfer of funds from accounts.
· Prepare IRS 990 and other applicable federal, state and local tax forms.
· Submit all corporate filings to state.
· Maintain Endowed Member Data Base of endowed purchases (Excel format).

(b) Attend all communications of the Grand Lodge and, when required, submit to the Grand officers and committees all books
..........and necessary documents pertaining to his office.

· Serve on Grand Lodge Committees: Accounts, Ways & Means; Investment; and Endowed and others as assigned.
· Conduct training for lodge treasurers as needed.

(c) Present quarterly financial reports to the Board of Directors and written report available to the Craft via the
..........Grand Lodge Website.

· Reports are done for each of the main accounts.
· Track approved budget and provide comparison of budget to actual expenditures.

(d) Make a full financial report at each Annual Communication for the preceding year ending December 31.
..........The treasurer shall include a statement that all bank and investment accounts have been reconciled with statements
..........received from applicable financial institutions.

(e) Verify all funds deposited and disbursed in the name of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons
..........of New Mexico with proper designation of separate funds if required.

(f) Promptly pay all warrants drawn upon him by authority of the Grand Lodge.

(g) Promptly surrender to his successor in office of all monies and property coming into his hands as aforesaid and the delivery
..........to such successor of all books, papers, vouchers, securities, jewels etc., in his hands, belonging to the Grand Lodge.
..........Upon such accounting and delivery he shall take receipt in duplicate from his successor in office and file one of such
..........receipts with the Grand Secretary.