RWB Robin Justice, SF Scottish Rite-District 2 Ambassador & WM Rick Garland (Pajarito Lodge 66) Visit (20120319)

(WM Rick Garland (Pajarito Lodge #66), WM Jed Noble (Bent Lodge 42),
and RWB Robin Justice, SF Scottish Rite District 2 Ambassador

The Brethren of Bent Lodge #42 welcomed RWB Robin Justice, District 2 Ambassador of Sante Fe Scottish Rite and Past Master of Pajarito Lodge #66, and WM Rick Garland also of Pajarito Lodge #66.

The Brothers enjoyed dinner before Communication and visiting with the Bent Lodge Brethren.

Brother Justice, as SF Scottish Rite Ambassador, presented the Brethren with an invitation to further our Masonic Degrees in Scottish Rite during the Centennial Celebration Reunion on May 4th through the 6th of 2012 in Santa Fe. Brother Justice also invited everyone to the Centenial Celebration of Scottish Rite in New Mexico in June of 2012, which coincides with the Centennial Celebration of New Mexico's Statehood.

Brother Justice handed out red combs to all in attendance, stating that no one could do without a comb, especially SW Cordova, who's hair always needs tending. Brother Cordova was very grateful for the comb. Brother Justice handed out petitions for the Centennial Celebration Reunion and Commemorative Pins for the Centennial.

The Brethren of Bent Lodge hope to repay the visit and attend a Communication at Pajarito Lodge #66 in the near future.




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