MWB Dan Irick Presentation at Bent Lodge #42

(Worshipful Master Martin Jagers, MWB Dan Irick, Secretary Scott Thayer, Chaplain Peter Kunkel, & Marshall Keva Levin.)

MWB Dan Irick was a special guest at Bent Lodge #42's Regular Communication on September 19th, 2011. Brother Irick was introduced at the Altar, given Grand Honors and was invited to sit in the East. He gave a special presentation about his attendance at the Mexico Masonic Congress, where he was introduced as the "Grand Master of the United States." The presentation delved into the practices of Masonic Lodges in Mexico, which unlike Lodges in the U.S. which follow the York Rite Rituals, Mexico follows Scottish Rite Rituals. Bent Lodge Members learned that Masonic Lodges in Mexico have to be more secretive due to the influence of the Catholic Church and the continued persecution of Freemasons by the Church.
The presentation was very much enjoyed by the all Brothers.

PM Charles Randall gave a very interesting presentation about the history of Bent Lodge #42, which included a photograph of BL42 in 1960 on the Cantu Hill, and photo of Brother Randall excavating the foundation trench for the current Bent Lodge. Brother Randall also presented to the Lodge an envelope full of copies of documents and letters from Bent Lodge 204 from the period of 1859 to 1864.

Marshall Keva Levin

DDGL Sutcliff and PM Randall

JD Pieper and SW Noble

SS Falk and JS McIntosh

Worshipful Master Martin Jagers

Secretary Scott Thayer

Chaplain Peter Kunkel and Marshall Keva Levin


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